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How to choose surge protection device?

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Update time : 2019-10-09 11:07:17
Lightning arrester is one of the main lightning protection devices in power system, the general requirements for selection are as follows:

According to the temperature, altitude, wind speed, pollution, earthquake and other conditions to determine the operating conditions of the arrester,  and according to the nominal voltage of the system, the highest voltage of the system, rated frequency, neutral grounding mode, short circuit current value and grounding fault duration and other conditions to determine the operating conditions of the arrester system.

Determine the type of arrester according to the protected object.

3) The running voltage of the arrester is determined according to the maximum voltage applied to the arrester for a long time.

Select the rated voltage of the arrester according to the temporary overvoltage amplitude and duration of the arrester installation site.

5) Estimate the discharge current amplitude through the arrester, select the nominal discharge current of the arrester.

6) According to the rated lightning shock withstand voltage and rated operating shock withstand voltage of the protected equipment, determine the lightning overvoltage protection level and operating overvoltage protection level of the arrester.