Surge Protection For Electronic Products

It is estimated that transients and surges cause 75% of failures in electronic products. Voltage transients and surges are everywhere. Power grids, lightning strikes, blasting, and even people walking on carpets will generate thousands of volts of the electrostatically induced voltage. These are the invisible, deadly killers of electronic products.

Therefore, to improve the reliability of electronic products and the safety of the human body, it is necessary to take protective measures against voltage transients and surges.

There are many reasons for a surge. A surge is a spike with a high rate of rising and a short duration.

Power grid overvoltage, switch ignition, reverse source, static electricity, motor/power noise, etc., are all factors that generate surges. The surge protector provides a simple, economical, and reliable method for electronic equipment’s power surge protection.

As we all know, electronic products often encounter unexpected voltage transients and surges during use, damaging electronic products. The damage is caused by electronic product semiconductors (including diodes, transistors, thyristors, integrated circuits, etc. ) being burned out or broken down.

One of the methods is to ground the whole machine and the system. The ground (common end) of the entire device and the system should be separated from the earth. The complete engine and each subsystem in the system should have an independent common end. When transmitting data or signals, the ground should be used as the reference level, and the ground wire (surface) must be able to flow a large current, such as several hundred amperes.

The second protection method uses voltage transient and surges protection devices in the whole machine and critical parts of the system (such as computer monitors, etc.) so that voltage transients and surges are bypassed to the subsystem ground and the subsystem through the protection devices. Basis, the transient voltage and surge amplitude entering the machine and system are significantly reduced.

The third protection method uses a combination of several voltage transients and surges protection devices for essential and expensive complete machines and systems to form a multi-level protection circuit.

The surge protector provides a simple, economical, and reliable method for electronic equipment’s power surge protection. Through the anti-surge component (MOV), the surge energy can be quickly introduced into the lightning induction and operating overvoltage. Earth, protecting equipment from damage.

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