Global Quality Policy

At BRITEC, we strive to fulfill the most sophisticated demands with the quality standard of our processes, products, and services. We continuously develop and improve our processes to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality products that they can rely on at all times.

Our main focus is always on the individual requirements of our customers: we are committed to working in partnership with our customers now and in the future. We understand the requirements of your markets, we develop specific solutions. In doing so, we stand by the sustainable, nonnegotiable quality of our products and services.

To provide our customers with state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality products that they can rely on at all times, we continuously develop and improve our processes.

Global Environmental Protection Policy

Environmental protection is an important topic for BRITEC. The Environmental Protection Policy documents how we contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources.

We are endeavoring to prevent emissions, soil contamination, and water pollution, reduce waste, and save energy at our own facilities by using modern production processes.

Manufacturing processes for electronics production primarily take place in the production plants of our factory. Only very low emissions that can lead to air pollution arise as a result of these processes. At the same time, absolutely no industrial waste water is produced at BRITEC.

Global Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The basis for our company success is fair and respectful treatment, both internally and externally.

Our company can only be successful if we adhere to laws and regulations over the long term, follow our ethical principles, always treat our employees, customers, and suppliers fairly, and assume corporate responsibility. The prerequisite for this is that all employees and members of the BRITEC family must apply a sense of both economics and responsibility in everything they do.

The terms and conditions of BRITEC’s employment contracts adhere to the stipulations of country-specific laws, in particular occupational safety and health acts, and take account of the relevant regulations of codetermination through employee representation.

In compliance with ethical business practices regarding corruption, antitrust, competition law, and patent affairs, we uphold the assertions of the Code of Conduct. Information that is not subject to confidentiality and is relevant to the public is disclosed upon request or through reports published on a regular basis.

All transactions are recorded transparently and correctly in our books and no booking is made without an underlying documentation. Furthermore, BRITEC naturally comply with all relevant legal requirements of financial law and fulfills its financial responsibilities, such as paying taxes.

The personal data of our employees, customers, and suppliers is subject to strict data protection rules.

We respect the protection of intellectual property of other companies and equally protect our own intellectual property and confidential information.