Quality is our mission.

Reliable BRITEC quality - your protection

Quality is one of our most important corporate goals and the mainstay of our endeavors.We gear our products and services to customer requirements. Feedback from our customers enables us to continuously improve quality, reliability and efficiency making us a valued partner worldwide.

We are certified to ISO 9001 through third-party certification bodies. We continuously optimize our processes to supply you with state-of-the-art technology and high-end products you can count on.

Test Facilities

In order to test its products internally for standards compliance and to evolve toward greater reliability BRITEC has several test station equipped with:

—Current waveform generators up to 100 kA - 10/350μs

—Wave generators current up to 200 kA - 8/20µs

—1.2/50µs hybrid wave generators up to 20 kV

—Thermal Stability Tester

—TOV/Fault current Test Stations

Three pillars of quality

Satisfied customers—The satisfaction of our customers is the focus of our actions;

Responsible employees—Quality is the responsibility of all employees;

Controlled processes—We deliver impeccable quality through robust design and flawless parts in combination with well-controlled and standardized processes.

Lean Management

Getting better and better - that is what the Lean Management part of our corporate philosophy is about. It helps to implement the continuous improvement process at BRITEC.ᅠWe are successively changing our corporate culture so that all employees are involved in raising potential and optimally supporting our customers.ᅠOur primary goal is to create waste-free, efficient processes and standards.

Best-in-class service quality

Our teams are composed of engineers and SPD specialists who can bring forward the best insights and solutions.

Our teams place the user at the heart of their practice. Providing advice to their clients, they strive to bring the most appropriate product solution.

Continuously improved

BRITECᅠis the leading manufacturer that exclusively produces both SPDs and SPD components.

It constantly pioneers new technologies thanks to a bold innovation strategy, high-level R&D and in-house regional test labs.